Credit: Emotional punch. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

Genoa City for the Week of May 25 – 29:

I watched the Nikki episode online, but otherwise am ranting from Matt Purvis’ very entertaining recaps again this week. Aside from the intervention, it still seemed like underwhelming offerings for May Sweeps. Thoughts:

Rich, entitled monsters.
Tying the minor character Tobias into the Scooby Doo mystery didn’t go over any better than anything else has in this storyline (though his rant was fun). Viewers don’t give a rat’s behind who killed Austin in the first place, so the development of a barely-known character such as Tobias being framed for his murder didn’t do a thing to increase interest – especially if he’s being framed by the Jack doppelganger from another groan-worthy storyline.

SS Misery.
An apt name considering Jack’s situation. As predicted in last week’s Restless Rant, Jack was mistaken for Marco the Jack imposter and is likely headed for Peru. Victor, upon hearing the news, seemed to find it amusing, as though he really didn’t care at all what might happen to Jack. Sorry, still not buying any of this. Why would Victor save Jack in The Underground collapse only to send him off to some possibly brutal fate in a foreign country, or knowingly allow what is happening to Phyllis, all to get his finger in the Jabot pie – when he had already stolen the winning Hex formula anyway? It’s a frustratingly stupid premise, and the only good to come of it was Yack’s brief entertainment value and the business aspect of the story, which could have been achieved another way.

Duck and cover.
Sage told Victor she wasn’t a gold-digger. Nick doled out advice to Sage about dealing with his family. Nick reassured Sage she’ll be a good mother. Yawn…

Step off.
So Neil is still angry and unstable – he’s parading Gwen around and punching people – but is together enough to lead the charge to stage an intervention for Nikki. Hmm.