“I’m gonna keep it with me wherever I go.”

It’s the mid-1970s that’s the focus of this week’s Soaps.com “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday. Though Snapper Foster’s murder charge was an emotional time, saying goodbye to his son Chuckie was just as hard…

Sage is the latest woman in Genoa City to be carrying Nick Newman’s baby, if in fact it’s Nick’s and not Adam’s. Years ago, Snapper had gotten Sally McGuire pregnant but agreed to allow their son to be raised by her husband Pierre Roulland. When Pierre was murdered before the baby was born, Snapper was there to give him a clean bill of health before Sally took Pierre Charles ‘Chuckie’ Roulland and left town.

Sally returned a few years later with Chuckie, who needed a kidney transplant. Snapper was a match and became Chuckie’s donor. Sally urged him to tell Chuckie he was his father. Snapper thought it best to stay quiet and gave Sally his blessing to go back to Michigan with her boyfriend Stan Harris. As they said goodbye, Chuckie expressed to Snapper how excited he was about his mom and Stan’s upcoming wedding, which meant he would finally have a father. Chuckie promised never to forget him and agreed to always hold on to something Snapper gave him.

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