Credit: Embroiled in drama. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

Genoa City for the Week of May 18 – 22:

I’m weighing in on the “Y&R” happenings from Germany this week, thanks to recaps by’s Matt Purvis. I was able to watch a couple of episodes online and was taken aback by how boring they were considering it’s time for May Sweeps. Some observations:

White knight syndrome.
Sharon and Dylan slept together and broke the spell of the sexual tension, and it was on to the process of coming out as a couple. Sharon is no stranger to Dylan’s ‘White Knight Syndrome’ as Nick surely suffers from the very same affliction; he was always trying to ‘save’ her and it’s no different with Sage. They too were coming out this week, with the news of their baby. Sharon hugging it out with Sage in the suite was all kinds of awkward. As discussed in last week’s Restless Rant, it’s tough to figure out what they’re doing with Sharon – she seems a little off or slightly unhinged in some scenes, but isn’t really having bi-polar episodes as though she is off her meds. Confusing… Anyway, Dylan telling Nikki he was with Sharon was kind of entertaining, and the blowout with Avery is still ahead. As for Sage and her morning sickness, it’s not very realistic to think it could be Adam’s baby given the timing, but reality never stopped a soap opera from doing a ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline. Later in the week, Nick and Sharon bonded a little while remembering Cassie at her grave site. Is it me, or does it seem like the anniversary of Cassie’s death comes around more than once a year? Gah…

Things have gone from bad to worse in the Scooby Doo mystery. The story is beyond convoluted, and most don’t even want to do the work required to figure it out because after all these weeks (months?) we still don’t give a flying frick who killed Austin and just want it to end. So, Fen drugged his friends to cover up that he’d switched his grades? And a South American drug kingpin was involved? Give us strength. Presumably, Yack, however unlikely as a South American drug lord, will prove to be involved, but it’s anyone’s guess why he would kill Austin, or how he got involved with Fen and his school troubles. Is this what he was doing in between confessional meetings with Victor? Conveniently, there wasn’t a single photo of this criminal to be found, though if anyone can come up with one it will be Kevin when he hacks the FBI database. Yipe. Oh, and someone is watching the gang, and it may or may not be Tobias, who worked for Victor previously and insisted he was not watching them. Or it could be they’re just paranoid and need something to do besides discuss whether Austin really loved Summer. Sigh.

Newman-Abbott merger.
As Yack works to be more ‘Jack-like’ the other goings-on in the business storyline also get more questionable; they’re all acting like pod people. Adam/Gabriel being so pushy about doubling the funding for Chelsea’s line was irksome. He’s being way too obvious about too much – Adam was always known for being crafty and clever. Nikki’s scenes have been appreciably dramatic, and a relapse is believable given how easily she stopped drinking, however she’s always been about hiding it, so her threatening Victor that she would drink every drop in the bar didn’t sit right.