“What would you have done?”

This week’s Soaps.com “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday goes back to an argument between Victor Newman and Jack Abbott over Nikki in 1992…

Nikki’s family and friends are currently preparing to stage an intervention. Years ago, her relapse caused an argument between Victor and Jack who placed blame on the other while trying to keep her clean. Jack went to visit Victor at Newman to hash out their frustrations. Victor blamed Jack, having been married to Nikki, for not seeing the signs that she’d been abusing pills and alcohol. Jack reminded Victor how good Nikki was at covering things up and begged him to see the situation from his shoes.

Victor assured Jack that he wouldn’t have allowed this to happen to Nikki. Jack admitted he didn’t realize how much pain Nikki had been in and recalled how she left rehab and apologized profusely for not being able to fight the horrendous pain. Jack wondered how Victor would have reacted upon Nikki leaving the hospital and coming to him in tears of regret.

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