Credit: Expectations. (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of May 11 – 15:

The character-driven stuff surrounding Adam/Chelsea, Adam/Victor, and Dylan/Sharon continues to work best. The business storyline provided some entertaining conflict, but the doppelganger side of it is wearing thin with viewers. Thoughts:

Seize the day.
After Chelsea had sex with ‘Gabriel’ and called out Adam’s name, she became upset that Adam might be the only man she’ll ever love and threw ‘Gabe’ out. I like the aspect of her being so attracted to ‘Gabe’ without knowing the real reason why, and also the irony of Adam, as Gabriel, essentially being in competition with his former self. This storyline continues to work because viewers know what Adam is feeling whenever he’s with Chelsea and they also understand the potential implications of the reveal of his true identity for him and the pairing.

Darth Victor.
The whole forged signature bit seemed trumped-up, but it did make for a few interesting confrontations. As for the doppelganger story, while the acting is a-one, the longer this goes on the more uncomfortable it becomes to watch Jack being victimized by cartoon-y looney Kelly, and Phyllis continue to be pawed by a veritable stranger. It remains implausible that Victor would go to these lengths to best Jack or to takeover Jabot for no apparent reason. It’s not unusual for Victor’s schemes to result in someone being hurt or even killed, but usually it’s as collateral damage, not by design. It’s bizarre to think he’s okay with what is happening to Phyllis, and there was a certain integrity to his rivalry with Jack that is being ignored in this story. This is true even more so with Ashley, for whom Victor has had a huge soft spot historically. As for Billy 2.0, it was a good call to write that line in as he is like an entirely new character. The best thing coming out of all this currently is the Adam/Victor stuff (they’ve fallen back into their old pattern of verbal sparring and one-upmanship), and Adam being installed in a position equal to Victoria’s. If I was her I’d just leave… again.

Toast to paradise.
Kelly dragging a drugged Jack around the room in a ‘first dance’ was about as unappetizing as it gets. How long will they string this out with the island cops who are clueless one minute and on the phone conspiring with Victor the next, the Ghost John appearances, and Kelly and her phony press releases and “Hee Haw” get-ups?

Karma’s a bitch.
It was a good move for Hilary and Devon to finally be on the up-and-up. Neil’s sour and bitter routine is getting old. I’d like to see him move on, but not by kissing the next available female, aka Gwen from accounting, which just seemed dumb. It also feels like moving backwards for him to be working for Victor again and, worse, doing his dirty work.