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Genoa City for the Week of May 4 – 8:

It’s a mixed bag for “Y&R” this week. Some material feels like it’s being written too deliberately to ‘shake things up’, which is good in that it’s not boring, but not so good if it doesn’t feel right for the character or believable. Other material is working quite well, and again, notably, it’s the more character-driven stuff to which viewers can relate. Thoughts:

What’s the status of things?
The whole drama surrounding Abby blurting to Ashley that she and Ben ‘have something real’, and his lack of response, was a trumped-up mess. Victoria walking in and asking about the status of things right after it happened was funny, but other than that there was nothing to feel about any of it. Abby and Ben’s ‘relationship’ was a written-in, forced plot point and, accordingly, their manufactured conflict and reconciliation left us cold. Similarly, the relationship ‘drama’ between sulky Summer and sullen Kyle evokes nothing beyond the desire to hit the fast-forward button. These two core characters need overhauling if they are to find an audience to root for them.

Goodbye Avery.
While Dylan’s tension with Avery has been believable enough, his battles with Paul, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, the conflict is entertaining to watch, but it’s just not Paul. His level of irritability needs to be dialed down so he’s not acting out-of-character. Paul’s a sweet guy, not this totally unreasonable crabapple, and he’s been on too long to change that. We can chalk it up to losing the baby for now, but he needs to get back to himself. As for Dylan and Sharon, they are the definition of a pairing developing feelings organically over time by being in close proximity and as a result their kiss gave us the butterflies! The ensuing awkwardness was tangible, realistic, and sort of cute. That brings us to Avery, who received Sharon’s ‘stay there’ text (muhaha!) and will likely do just that. Avery and Joe are a comfortable match, but dull. I feel like he could be extremely sexy in the right scenario with the right woman. Perhaps a Dylan/Sharon/Joe triangle would be more fun. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Sharon and Dylan.