“I wasn’t there for you when you were a child.”

“The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday Poll takes Soaps.com readers back to December 1986 in Genoa City when Joanna Manning made a heartfelt admission to her daughter Lauren Fenmore…

Neil and Devon’s father/son relationship is currently on the rocks, due to Devon’s affair with Hilary. Years ago, Joanna fessed up to her past faults as a mother and apologized to Lauren. Joanna paid Lauren a visit and was happy to hear things were back on track with Paul Williams. Lauren thanked her mother profusely for talking to Paul and being there during the ‘latest fiasco’ that had pulled them apart. Joanna was touched that Lauren even asked for her help and admitted she hadn’t been there for her as a mother should. Lauren tried to brush their issues under the rug, but Joanna was just grateful that Lauren was giving her an opportunity to make up for the past.

Lauren ranted and raved about the stunt she pulled, due to her insecurities, and was happy the crisis was finally over. Joanna urged Lauren to turn to her again if need be and promised to always be there for her. In tears, Lauren admitted she’d wanted to hear that from her mother since she was a little girl.

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