Credit: Alpha dog? (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

Genoa City for the Week of April 27 – May 1:

Some things are still sideways in Genoa City, but there was more to like this week. Thoughts:

Steps back.
However sordid it all got, Devon and Hilary are in love, and those invested in the pairing were treated to seeing them finally come back together in private. However, it seems that left them with the same dilemma – go public and risk Neil’s wrath or see each other secretly? Here’s hoping they handle it differently this time regardless of the consequences. Neil will eventually accept it and move on. Right?

Not my first rodeo.
Of course it’s completely unbelievable that Jack’s double would have the same body and voice as Jack, and it’s icky that Phyllis keeps sleeping with this stranger, but there is no denying he’s pretty entertaining. His antics are keeping The Mustache hopping that’s for sure. Who didn’t laugh out loud when Victor caught him on the phone ordering up a Ferrari? Too funny! Of course the lookalike could be very bad news for Adam, who hopefully catches on that Fake Jack doesn’t know his true identity before he reveals anything else. In any case, it would be interesting to know Victor’s long-term vision for this whole plan with the Jacks. Is real Jack supposed to waft off into a life of bliss with Kelly while Fake Jack drifts into retirement, leaving Victor in charge of Jabot? Or does Victor just want enough time to run Jabot into the ground before bringing Jack back? Hmm.

We can have everything we wanted.
Wow, so Kelly is completely deluded and dangerous. For me this kind of stuff is too over-the-top, and it’s too far from what the character started out as to really work, but it is what it is. If Jack is going to get out of this he needs to calm down and outsmart her. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long.

Day-drinking never ends well.
The Adam/Sage hook-up was easily my favorite unexpected development of the week. Smokin’ hot and so much snark! Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Sage and Adam.

Let’s go throw us some rice.
Fake Jack in his golf attire was just one of the entertaining aspects of the Billy/Chelsea non-wedding. From the moment Billy overheard Chelsea and ‘Gabe’ talking and realized they’d slept together, and he still wanted to go ahead with the wedding, we knew what was going to happen. The anticipation was kinda’ fun and so was the moment when Billy revealed to his bride what he knew about her, but this Billy is always sort of ‘buttoned up’ even when he’s angry. Notably, Billy seemed to also forget his own past transgressions throughout all of this, but that’s par for the course on soap operas. As for the gathering, Billy’s key players all attended except Victoria, but it’s getting really tiresome for Billy’s mother not to be involved in any of his important scenes – there’s always an excuse made, but it’s a shame because Jill was sorely missed in this case. She never accepted Chelsea and definitely would have had a lot to say! Also puzzling was Chelsea not trying to defend herself even a bit by saying, “I saw you making out with Victoria!” Anyway, Adam came back to comfort Chelsea, but she lashed out and blamed him, so any progress he made is pretty much down the drain. Back to square one…