The whole truth. (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of April 20 – 24:

There were plenty of dramatic happenings in Genoa City this week. We had a rest from the Scooby Doo mystery and got to see Jill, Colin, and Gloria! Thoughts:

The Great Houdini.
Where to start? In a nutshell, the entire scenario with Jack/Kelly, Yack/Phyllis, Victor/Yack’s partnership feels like it happened too fast and is too ‘out there’. Stitch splitting with Victoria and sleeping with Abby was an utterly emotion-free blur, and before the disappointment of that had time to set in, the Abbotts found out Victor and Victoria were in at Jabot, and Ben found himself working with/for all three women he’s bedded. To think Ben once was a character with such integrity… Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Abby and Stitch. It was nice to see Ghost John even if the whole bit with Jack slipping out of his bonds and then allowing Kelly to hit him over the head with a baseball bat was unbelievable. Also annoying was Kyle being all over the map – just last week he was snarly and rude to Jack and couldn’t have cared less about the family business and this week he’s Jack’s staunchest supporter? Huh? I also wondered how Jack went ahead with the partnership without the approval of the board, when Ash and Billy had already readied the board to vote him out? Details, details… The positives are to be found in the comic relief, mostly surrounding the over-confident and pervy Yack. The Abbotts thinking Jack has gone nuts, Billy wondering aloud if Victor and Jack had a ‘mind meld’ in the rubble of The Underground, and Victor scolding Yack about his unseemly and un-Abbottlike behavior have all been gold nuggets in this storyline.

The whole truth.
I actually enjoyed the drama surrounding Neil’s court hearing. There were numerous tense interactions and then Hilary pulled off her plan to deal with Mobley. It’s definitely unsavory that she slept with the guy though. I would have preferred that she drugged him and took photos so it would appear they slept together, but what’s done is done. So Neil got probation and community service and Hilary felt free to tell Devon the truth after that, which was satisfying. The kicker will come when Neil learns Hilary was behind the plea deal and actually still loves Devon.