“We’re going to blow the competition out of the water.”

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1983 in Genoa City when Ashley Abbott anticipated the success of Jabot’s latest product…

These days, Ashley fears for the future of Jabot now that Victor has gained the upper-hand. Years ago, she was working hard in the lab to ensure the company’s success. She inspected a few samples that her chemist Mr. Butler had been working on for their latest cosmetics line. With the product complete she planned to market it just right in order to supersede their competition. After some final test reports came through, the team was given the green light, leaving Ashley to give out strict orders that all information for the product be locked in a file by day and in a safe by night. It was imperative that there were no leaks within the company or otherwise.

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