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Genoa City for the Week of April 13 – 17:

Well it was a big week in Genoa City on a couple of fronts. Jack’s doppelganger’s existence was confirmed, which was not well received by viewers, and Adam got to do the deed with Chelsea, which got a much better reception by fans. Essentially, viewers are responding positively to interactions between characters that feel genuine, and negatively to interactions and plot points that feel gimmicky, cliche, forced or manipulative. Thoughts:

Pulling away.
With Michael maneuvering himself into having to camp out at Sharon’s place, Lauren’s fears that he was pulling away from her were confirmed. She shared her concerns with Cane. First, the twist with Michael being Sharon’s guardian was appreciated if only because we didn’t see it coming – I was sure he was going to suggest Dylan move in with her. Second, it feels natural for Cane to talk to Lauren about dealing with the cancer, so even though they’re being pushed together, it’s not as over-the-top as the Stitch/Abby debacle. That said, Cane is a devoted family man and Lauren loves Michael, so the writers certainly have their work cut out for them if they’re considering taking this to the romance level.

I’ve been drawn into the Avery/Joe dynamic here and there, mostly when he’s being sexy, but it’s dull too much of the time. Hangman? Really? Avery is a hot blonde attorney and by all rights should be an exciting character, so why do they insist on writing her like a school marm? As for Paul being all crusty and grilling Avery about the incident – please – Paul is one of the most compassionate men on the show and to have him taking such a hard line with people is truly out-of-character.

Sorry to interrupt.
While there’s a ripple of interest whenever Dylan gets manly and determined about helping Sharon, otherwise, I’m well and truly over the mystery mess. We know Sharon isn’t the killer and yet still can’t really muster up the energy to care who is actually behind it all.