“I won’t believe that. I won’t.”

In “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Soaps.com takes readers back to Genoa City in 1975 when Phillip Chancellor II explained to Katherine that their marriage was over…

Years ago, though Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) wanted Phillip (Donnelly Rhodes) to stay, he’d had enough and planned to leave her. He was sure Katherine realized there was nothing more to their marriage but she refused to believe it. She admitted how impossible it must have been for him to deal with her drinking and knew how much he hated her smoking but reminded Phillip that she was sober now and hadn’t had a cigarette for months.

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Katherine continued to plead for Phillip to give her a chance to be the wife he once loved. However, Phillip didn’t feel it would be fair to either of them to stay together. He could no longer give her what she needed. Katherine was willing to give him time, but Phillip admitted he didn’t have feelings for her any more, which brought Katherine to tears. She rushed into his arms and begged Phillip not to leave her that night.

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– Amy Mistretta