Ash's secret. (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of April 6 – 10:

So much of what is happening on “Y&R” involves accommodating plot points that many viewers are finding the show increasingly unrecognizable. Genoa City characters have well-established personalities, motivations, and history and this is what should drive story so that viewers ‘feel’ what is happening. Otherwise it’s like aliens have taken over and the characters’ actions don’t make much sense. For example, why is Kyle suddenly giving his dad loads of attitude about Jabot? He was so invested before he spied on Victor of his own volition! Why is Victor going after the Abbotts at this point in time? Why are characters being thrown together into forced pairings? Stitch and Abby are case in point. Clearly someone decided they should become a couple and so they were smacked together like two sides of a sandwich. Thoughts:

Stitch and Abby grow closer.
There has been one excuse after another given to keep Stitch and Abby crazy-glued at the hip. It’s actually gotten so ridiculous that they were interviewed about Courtney’s murder together at the police station and no one even bothered to cook up an explanation for it. Suddenly Stitch, who was totally besotted with Victoria, is stand-offish in her presence and Ashley (of all people) observed with a knowing air that Stitch truly cares for Abby. Eck. It’s just so lame when viewers can see the manipulation so obviously. A genuinely good pairing doesn’t need it. Abby and Stitch have chemistry so they could have let it come about naturally.

Another one bites the dust.
Though few had any real feeling for Courtney, Noah’s pain at losing her was very moving. That, along with the lure of Dylan and Sharon sharing space (and thereby irking Avery), was the bright spot in the otherwise exhausting Scooby Doo mystery. Sharon is obviously being set up, which many could see coming, but it seems Dylan will continue to support her. You’ve got to love his detective skills – he shows up at Sharon’s place and blurts, “Where were you earlier?” Not subtle but gets the job done ahaha. Then he goes out and searches for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ and finds it in the form of a tire iron. How thrillingly competent of him, and how convenient for… someone. Considering the lab results, it looks like that someone planted it as evidence to frame Sharon. I wonder if those fingerprints in Victor’s envelope were Sharon’s? More likely they were Jack’s and have something to do with the Jabot plot, but in any case, here’s hoping Kevin gets the all-important video footage back on the police computers before the GCPD arrests too many of the wrong people. And for those keeping score at home, we still don’t really care who killed Austin.

I don’t know how you do it.
Who else wants to drink when Chelsea begins a sentence, “But then Adam came into my life…” Thankfully we seem to be getting beyond reminiscing and into the meatier stuff now that Sage outed ‘Gabriel’ and his plan to win Chelsea for himself. Throwing Anita into the mix was cool, and later in the penthouse and with the Connor eye scare viewers were truly drawn in to Adam’s dilemma and his longing to be with his wife and son. Billy, as usual, spent most of his week being starchy about Stitch and Gabriel. His fun factor notched up half a hair when he showed some enthusiasm for nailing Victor for the Jabot hack, but yeah, so starchy… As for Sage, her little meltdown of reveals to Chelsea was epic, but her plan to walk away from the inheritance for love may be a little short-sighted considering she has no means of supporting herself. Nope, love won’t pay the rent on a suite at the GCAC, but then again knowing Nick he’ll have her moved into the tackhouse by next week this time.