“He doesn’t fool me.”

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to November 1987 when Jack Abbott went to his sister Ashley with complaints about Jill Abbott and Brad Carlton…

Victor has put his plan to get rid of Jack and strip him of everything into full swing. Years ago, Jack (then played by the late Terry Lester) had issues with Brad and Jill working at Jabot Cosmetics and feared they would run the company into the ground and ruin everything the Abbotts had worked for. Jack stormed into Ashley’s office complaining about how much Brad and Jill had been spending on the men’s line. Ashley assured Jack she’d approved the budget and asked him to give the two a break in hopes that they’d make the line a big success. When Jack didn’t see that happening, Ashley suggested he become a part of the line. He adamantly refused.

The siblings continued to argue over the new line, as Jack reminded Ashley that Jabot had always been in the business of women’s cosmetics – not men’s. It soon became apparent that Jack’s anger was directed more toward Brad. Though Ashley was a big fan of their sister Traci’s husband, Jack made an accusation against Brad and warned Ashley that his mistakes could very well cause major issues for Jabot.

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