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Genoa City for the Week of March 30 – April 3:

Many viewers continue to find the plot-driven writing too manipulative, with characters doing things engineered to move their story in a certain direction that feel unnatural or hard to believe. Thoughts:

She never came up.
It’s true. Sandra Allen, promising Olympic diver, never came up – from the pool or ever in the history of Sharon’s dealings with the Newman family. Viewers who have watched the show for any appreciable length of time know that this made up ‘secret’ just does not fly. It doesn’t work with Nick’s actual past history and, as mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, it makes zero sense that Sharon has had this up her sleeve all these years and never used it before in her very tumultuous history with the Newmans. There were simply too many times before that she would have used this as leverage against Victor, Nick, or even Nikki. It’s a fail. As is the idea of Sharon being suspected of killing Austin at the cabin. Didn’t the Scooby Doo gang rule women out as suspects at the beginning because they would have been unable to move Austin’s body on their own? Sharon’s zealous self-defense made for a couple good scenes with Dylan, but making her seem slightly batty feels a tad manipulative, so we’ll doubt her. Can we talk about the attempts to insert ‘love in the afternoon’ into this storyline? Abby is super-glued to Stitch, Kyle is suddenly swapping spit with Summer, and Noah, who had absolutely no inclination to get married two weeks ago suddenly proposed to Courtney as a plot point. Because Noah’s such a doll and Courtney’s reaction was unexpectedly genuine, it made for a ‘moment’, but otherwise these couples are wholly unappealing. Abby and Stitch might have been viable at one point – before he had been with both Victoria and Ashley, but it’s going to be a tough sell now. Anyway, since this story is set firmly in “The Twilight Zone,” Noah and Courtney had to get married the very next day in Chancellor Park. We sat through an episode of ‘heartfelt’ speeches to Noah from his family members before the whole thing went predictably belly-up. Now it’s back to the cabin in the woods, er, Abbott cabin, where it’s a good bet something ‘shocking’ will have happened and there will be lipstick involved. Sigh. Vote in Soaps.com’s Y&R Poll: Which couple works for you?

The king who had everything.
The Victor/Adam clash at Jabot was a much appreciated respite from Adam following Chelsea around like a puppy dog. As for Chelsea and Billy putting off their marriage, it felt like two steps forward and one step back. It appears that they will slowly continue to be drawn more to ‘Gabriel’ and Victoria than each other. Slowly seems to be the keyword here. Meanwhile, Sage is so holier-than-thou with Adam, yet she’s bald-faced lying to Nick; telling him he can trust her when she knows that ‘Gabriel’ is his brother Adam and is keeping it from him. Wait until that comes out – Nick will swear off women for good… again!