Credit: Coming clean. (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of March 16 – 20:

Genoa City has taken on a different feel. Perhaps darker, as the mystery features heavily and no one seems particularly happy. Viewers are talking about favorites such as Jill, Colin, Michael, and Lauren getting little to no screen time. Thoughts:

Not rushing it.
Well, Adam’s toast at the engagement party made a ripple as opposed to a splash. Not that we really expected he would just announce his true identity – no, more likely it will come out at a much more inconvenient time not of his choosing. Nonetheless, there was a nice little build-up there with Adam announcing he wanted his wife to know how much he loved her, and adding cryptically, “She doesn’t even know who I am.” That was fun…and quite enough for Jack, who pulled him unceremoniously into the other room. He warned Adam that telling everyone who he is now is a move Victor would make, which was an astute observation, and probably one of the only things he could have said to give Adam pause. After that it was all about Chelsea drifting around the house looking unsettled and Billy insisting he wasn’t rushing the marriage before turning around and asking Chelsea to do the deed within thirty days. Cue the eye-rolls as Jack had just asked for the same commitment from Phyllis. Chelsea seemed relieved to learn they would have to wait. As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, the only thing keeping us going here is anticipation for the Adam reveal – perhaps why they keep teasing it.

Though Jack’s made his choice and the Phyllis/Kelly grudge match no longer holds as much appeal, it’s been interesting to realize that both of these women seem to genuinely believe that they’re innocent of the suite set-up and the poisoning. Sure Kelly confessed, but only because Victor instructed her to – she was truly offended when Stitch assumed she had actually done what she’d confessed to doing. This means that one of the women did the dirty deeds and blocked it out, or that someone else has been setting up both women all along. Which begs the question, how long has Victor’s plan been in motion? As for this week’s events, Phyllis going to confront Kelly was classic impulsive Phyllis, and Kelly bopping her on the head with a champagne bottle was an unexpected and entertaining little development. It was especially fun when Kelly showed up at the ranch all twitchy and distressed and half-whispered to Victor, “I bonked her…” Hehe. It will be interesting to see where this goes next what with Victor warning his confessional conspirator to be ready, and the preview showing Kelly stabbing Phyllis – a dream/fantasy? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Who was responsible for the tea poisoning?