You were married?

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1999 when Callie Rogers admitted to Malcolm Winters that she’d been married to Trey Stark…

Various people are trying to hide and/or coverup their past connections with Austin. Years ago, Callie was forced to explain her ties to Trey (played by “Passions” alum Rodney Van Johnson) to an angry Malcolm, as well as why she married the shady, dangerous man. Trey arrived in Genoa City and made it clear to Malcolm that he and Callie were very close. Malcolm had reconnected with Callie, a love from his past, and was furious she hadn’t mentioned Trey. Callie reminded Malcolm how devastated she’d been having lost him, due to her controlling father, and how Trey promised he could help further her singing career.

Malcolm demanded to know why Callie stayed connected to Trey, to which she explained he’d been using her contract to hold her prisoner in the professional sense. Her career never took off and she believed if she allowed Trey to think there was something between them he would carry out his initial promises. Callie hoped she and Malcolm could get past her secret. “Okay, so you had a bad marriage. You made a mistake. It wouldn’t have mattered,” Malcolm stated and wanted to know why she hadn’t told him the truth to begin with.

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