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Genoa City for the Week of March 9 – 13:

The cabin kids mystery dominated this week with more revelations that happened off screen. While some are enjoying the action and pace, others are feeling frustrated and ‘over it’. Thoughts:

May the best man win.
As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, the Adam/Sage/Chelsea/Billy situation has gone on in the same manner for too long. Chelsea and Billy’s engagement did nothing to change that (unless Adam happens to blurt out something huge and life-altering while drunk at the party). It makes zero sense for Sage, who doesn’t even have a job, to be so keen to give up on her share of the Bingham fortune for Nick, whom she’s known all of five minutes, and it was even more ludicrous for Billy to ask ‘Gabriel’ to be his best man and for Adam to accept. What happened to the cocky, crafty Adam who was always two steps ahead of everyone else? Another downside in this story is that presumably we’re supposed to be feeling that Billy and Victoria belong together, but the ‘opposites attract’ thing that made that pairing appealing no longer exists. Billy, the jaunty bad boy whose teasing humor made the more serious Victoria relaxed and fun, is now buttoned-up and dry as toast. He’s pretty starchy with Chelsea now too, so what’s missing is the element of viewers being torn over the drama of who will end up with who. The anticipation of Adam’s identity being revealed is really the only draw here.

Another story that’s dragged on is the Phyllis/Jack/Kelly saga. While it was fun seeing Christine’s face when she realized the charges must be dropped against Phyllis, the result – Phyllis being free to marry Jack – didn’t exactly constitute a payoff. Instead of revving us up about the couple, Jack’s flowery speech about marrying Phyllis by April’s end only served to illustrate that he is too old-fashioned for someone like her. Anyway, with Kelly having confessed as per Victor’s instructions, the interest has shifted to discovering what Victor has in mind next and whether he’s actually screwing Kelly over. Meanwhile, he continues to meet with someone unseen in the hospital confessional (an unlikely place to hang out) regarding a plan to take everything from Jack. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Who is Victor talking to in the confessional?

Auditioning my replacement.
I’m not sure how long it’s been since Lauren found out Michael has cancer, but it seems like they’ve had variations on the same scenes ever since – Michael complains/worries about his future as a man and Lauren reassures him. The repetitiveness is beginning to ruin the emotion of it, and is less than these characters deserve.

Chancellor Industries.
Why aren’t we seeing Jill back at the helm of Chancellor shaking up the business world, working with Cane, bantering with Colin, or even interacting with her son, Billy? Disappointing.