Credit: Brilliant! (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of March 2 – 6:

It still feels a bit like Genoa City has been relocated to the Twilight Zone or even the Bermuda Triangle, but the bright points in the plot-driven, gimmicky storylines have been the improved pace of the show and the outstanding performances by the exceptional “Y&R” actors. Thoughts:

What the hell are you doing?
It became pretty clear this week that we’re going down the doppelganger road with Jack. Fake Jack (Fack) was wearing a sweater and a bandage when he was confronted by Ashley in the hospital corridor, while the real Jack arrived home from the hospital wearing a grey suit and no bandage (definitely the real Jack as he knew who Adam was). As he did with Patty, it appears Victor has once again come up with a lookalike that’s such a dead-ringer for Jack, even his own sister Ashley didn’t realize he was an imposter when she was right up in his grill. Kelly, Jack’s ex-lover, also couldn’t tell the difference in the storeroom on Valentine’s Day. Sigh. Later, Victor and Jack, who had both left the hospital, inexplicably ended up back in the hospital chapel, where Victor was no doubt rendezvousing with Fack in the confessional. Jack probably would have come face-to-face with Fack when he opened the confessional door, but alas, Phyllis called and he left. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Do you enjoy doppelganger storylines?

All on me.
The award for ‘most groan-worthy scenes of the week’ goes to the conversation at the Club where Nick spent what felt like an hour doing his Eeyore impression – “Woe is me. The collapse at The Underground is all on me.” – and Sage and Avery clucked sympathetically and reassured him at length that he wasn’t to blame. Thankfully Avery’s rather astonishing shade of pink lipstick provided an entertaining diversion, as did her very comical quizzical expressions when Sage and Nick shared a couple of inside jokes. “Silk panties?”

Adult tea party.
Well that was all kinds of awkward! Dylan clearly thought Sharon was hitting on him with the dinner and wine set up. You had to love his deer-in-the-headlights expression. Haha! In any case, the situation did a good job of making us feel Sharon’s loneliness. Methinks it would only take one more misunderstanding involving Joe for Dylan to go back to Sharon’s and stay for dessert.

Back off.
Christine raging at Phyllis was good fun, but having Phyllis find out from Christine that her daughter’s husband had died was a bit of a fail. More realistically, Phyllis would have been the first person Summer called given their relationship and her mother’s extensive experience with, well, thorny situations. Later, Christine went all hormonal again, this time over Nikki, which brings us to…