Credit: Hilary's revenge. (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of February 23 – 27:

As the week kicked off things were still buzzing in and around Genoa City with the various disasters and their aftermaths, but there was definitely more fast-forward material as the week progressed. As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, the hectic pace set during sweeps was fun, but also left some with concerns about where the soap would be when the dust settled. Thoughts:

Jack facts.
Some were still wondering if this is “Y&R” or “The Twilight Zone” what with Jack claiming not to remember having sex with Kelly, and then later agreeing to be ‘frenemies’ with Victor. Since Ashley saw Jack and Kelly emerge from the storeroom adjusting their clothes, we have to assume it happened. That means either Jack was under the influence of a love potion so potent that it wiped out his memory of the incident, or he has a doppelganger running around all of the sudden (please no!). Though Phyllis versus Kelly is getting old, there was nothing better than Kelly’s face in the hospital room doorway when she overheard Jack calling her a pathological liar to Phyllis. Shaky shocked face! While Jack and Victor sparring verbally in the hospital room made for a bit of comic relief, the idea that Jack, after all his years of experience dealing with ruthless Victor, would take him at face value when he proposed that they try getting along is ludicrous. Jack would be intensely skeptical of his Mr. Nice Guy routine at the very least! Victor’s little trip to the hospital chapel’s confessional to update someone on the plan was both hilarious and ominous.

Pour me one too.
If you were surprised to see that Victor dug himself out of the debris and arrived home in a taxi in time for Nikki’s cocktail hour, you haven’t been watching “Y&R” long enough. Classic! Nikki’s kids were appalled to see her slugging back the vodka unapologetically and later confronted her on the subject, with Victoria realizing that Nikki was drunk when she nearly dropped Katie. Whoops! Does Dylan know about Nikki’s relapse yet? Hard to say since we didn’t see him since news broke that Jack was found. Perhaps he went home and got a beat-down from Avery, who, when we last saw her was waiting impatiently to read him the riot act over offering to lie for Sharon.

With all the hand-wringing Lauren was doing over her sister Jill being in a plane wreck it was a little odd that we didn’t get a scene with her visiting Jill at the hospital. Even more odd, but somehow not surprising, everyone was concerned about telling Billy about Jack, but no one thought to tell him his mother had been in a plane crash, and no one has still told Jill that her son Billy nearly died in a fire. Gah!