Meet the family.

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the mid-1990s when Jack Abbott first introduced his son Keemo Volien to his family…

Kyle Abbott’s recent return to Genoa City has made a few people uneasy and suspicious. Years ago, Jack was so happy and proud to learn about his other son’s arrival in town and wanted his whole family to meet him as well. Keemo appeared a bit reluctant when Jack arrived at his door, only twenty-four hours after learning of their relation, with an invite to the Abbott Mansion to meet his family. Keemo’s mother Luan, who’d been Jack’s long lost love from Vietnam, had reunited with Jack and couldn’t have been happier.

Jack rounded up his family, as Luan tried to reassure Keemo that the Abbotts were kind people and would be accepting. Regardless, Keemo imagined they’d expect him to act a certain way, due to their status. In the end, it was Jack who calmed Keemo’s nerves by presenting him with something before the dinner.

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