In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1984 when Nikki Reed ran into Lorie Brooks…

No matter how strong they try to appear, Phyllis and Kelly both have a level of insecurity in regards to each other. Years ago, Nikki experienced some of the same feelings and was startled to find Lorie back in Genoa City, especially when she learned she’d returned to attend her first wedding to Victor Newman. Lorie assured Nikki that she wasn’t back in town to cause trouble and reminded her that she and Victor had once been very close. Even so, Nikki insisted Lorie not come to her wedding.

Lorie called Nikki out for acting insecure in regards to her presence and warned though Victor would soon be her husband he had many friends from his past — ones he surely wouldn’t turn his back on. Nikki felt threatened and assured Lorie that she was all that Victor needed now. Lorie didn’t deny that Victor loved Nikki but advised that she not cling to him. Before parting ways, Lorie gave her one last piece of advice.

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