Credit: Hello! (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of February 9 – 13:

“Y&R” continued to ramp up this week. Sure there were still boring bits, mostly involving dialogue issues, and storyline tweaks that were a little suspect, but the bottom line is that for the first time in so long, there are things happening in Genoa City that are making viewers look forward to tuning in. Hello Neil Winters and shirtless Adam Newman! Thoughts:

No victim.
Phyllis’ story was invigorated this week by her realization that she didn’t do anything to Kelly and her renewed determination to prove it. Aligning herself with Victor also was a shot in the arm. There is no doubt that Phyllis understands that Victor is the one man powerful enough to get her out of the tight spot she’s in. While Victor coolly executed his plan, Jack was once again flip-flopping about what to do. Ack. What’s worrisome is that we’re probably supposed to be rooting for a Phyllis/Jack reunion out of all this. No thanks. Jack is too much of a fuddy duddy for Phyllis. Kelly and her Vivaldi were way more Jack’s speed. Here’s hoping that whatever happens next propels Phyllis into a more dynamic pairing down the road. As for Kelly, she finally began to show some cracks in the foundation, especially holding Avery at knifepoint. Avery may have told Jack that the plan is to make Phyllis look unhinged, but it’s likely she now realizes the truth about Kelly, so that plan could definitely change.

Be careful.
There is so much foreshadowing of something happening to Christine’s pregnancy due to her stress over Phyllis. It seems the writing’s on the wall.

Devil in disguise.
Oh what soapy deliciousness was Neil regaining his sight in time to see Hilary and Devon in bed together…and then pretending to still be blind! After, he toyed with them like a cat with mice as he let his anger, hurt, and resentment build to a rolling boil. As we watched Neil observe how Devon and Hilary behaved right under his nose, believing he couldn’t see them or their expressions, it really illustrated that, despite their protective intentions, they had become a little too comfortable with Neil’s inability to see, which for him added insult to injury as he felt played for a fool. More deliciousness ensued as Neil made his way to the local dive bar and ended up sharing a liquid therapy session with none other than the disgruntled Nikki Newman. Oh what joy when Neil confided to Nikki that he’d seen his wife in bed with his son (we didn’t see that coming!). Neil’s pain was palpable, however, when he leaned across the table and told Nikki he was worried people had been laughing at him. “I feel so betrayed here!” He then spoke of retribution, letting us know that Hevon will have to take their lumps before they can be happy. Later, as Nikki careened around town spouting off about Victor moving Phyllis in, Neil found himself boarding a private jet to Chicago with his family. What happened next was the most delicious of all – Neil rocked his captive audience by making his way to the bar, pouring a whiskey, reading the label, downing the whole glass (Lily’s jaw hit the floor!), and then revealing that he could see everything! There’s just nothing better than something blowing up this big.