Family secrecy.

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to November of 1989 when Christine Blair was stunned to learn how her mother died…

Tragedy affected various people in Genoa City this week. Years ago, Christine faced a tragedy and thought she knew how her mother died but was very wrong. John Abbott, who’d been married to Christine’s mom Jessica, along with her father Dr. Jim Grainger and brother Dr. Scott Grainger arrived to talk to Christine about her mother’s death. They explained that a nurse had found a barbiturate in her mother’s bed, a prescription that hadn’t been ordered. An autopsy was ordered by an administrator and proved Jessica died of barbiturate poisoning – not AIDS, which she’d suffered from.

Christine couldn’t believe it and demanded to know where her mother would have gotten the pills. John handed over a letter that Jessica wrote before she died, explaining how she hadn’t wanted to linger on in pain as her family stood by and watched. All three men admitted to giving Jessica the pills that ended her suffering.

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