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Genoa City for the Week of February 2 – 6:

As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, there has been noticeable shifts and changes happening with the storylines and characters as the new EP and headwriter’s material comes into play. There is undeniably a new energy to the show, as well as a new sense of purpose, if you will; storylines have tightened up and characters are becoming more sharply defined. Positive change! That said, as the realignment takes place there have been a few instances where the characters’ actions have seemed out of whack, and there are other changes that will take some getting used to such as the scene transitions and the rather flamboyant background music in some scenes and montages that is enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Thoughts:

Snap out of it.
So Phyllis went off to Fairview, much to the chagrin of Christine, who doubled-over in an agony of frustration. It will be no surprise if she gets herself so worked up over this that she loses the baby – especially when she finds out Phyllis has Victor’s backing, which makes her essentially Teflon. Anyway, the decision to have Phyllis assessed sent Jack into a paroxysm of guilt, particularly after Summer’s inane tantrum. Would she have been happier if they’d let her go to jail? Sigh. Nothing makes that kid happy… Over at Fairview, Phyllis’ alarm was palpable, but Victor’s words – from one badass to another – seemed to reach her. Victor ran into Jack on his way out, and in an unexpected moment set to some sappy music that refused to be ignored, Jack admitted to Victor that he was completely to blame. Believable?

Occasional relief.
It looks like Billy wants to have his cake and eat it too. While it was fun to see the leather-clad Stitch make Billy all pinched looking with the news he was moving in with Victoria, their conversation felt a bit like a cliche what with all the male-posturing. Billy spent the rest of the day sporting a black cloud over his head, which Chelsea quickly picked up on. The intensity of his indignation about Stitch moving in with Victoria and his kids caused him to put his foot in his mouth and sent her storming out. Who could blame her? Billy’s inability to completely move on from Victoria may well be what drives her into the arms of Adam/Gabriel.

Back where it belongs.
I got a teeny bit choked up when Jill and Cane finished signing and finally had Chancellor back. It never sat right that Victor had Katherine’s company. Say what you want about Jill, but she’s always loved Chancellor Industries. Victor’s total about-face was kind of intriguing – saying it’s what Katherine would want when he didn’t think that before. Hmm.