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Genoa City for the week of January 26 – 30:

Some are complaining that “Y&R” has been boring again. There has been a lull, but there were also some noticeable shifts and changes happening in the storylines as the new headwriter’s material began airing this week. Thoughts:

The lady with no pants.
Sharon and Nick building a custody war around an incident in which Sage spilled hot chocolate on her slacks is just lame. Aside from the possibility of seeing witchy little Faith doing her dirty work on the stand (as mentioned in last week’s Y&R Restless Rant, Faith’s antics are laugh out loud fun), there’s no real interest in this unnecessary custody trial. Maybe Nick will call it off since it’s causing Nikki stress.

Won’t you be my neighbor?
Having Adam come back as ‘Gabriel’ with the added complication of being married to Sage seemed clever, and it was interesting to see the predicament it put Jack in, but now it’s feeling tired and he’s coming across like a bit of a creeper; moving in across the hall from Chelsea and trying so obviously to chat her up at every opportunity when he supposedly has a girlfriend/wife. It’s not good. Also, why isn’t Adam losing his temper more behind closed doors over Billy pawing Chelsea and acting as a father to Connor? Adam’s gotta’ keep cool in public, but he’s a pretty volatile guy so what’s up? Bottom line: many just want Adam to be Adam again. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Should Adam’s identity be exposed?

One night.
Clearly Joe thinks he’s made progress with Avery after luring her to his suite. I’d have to say he definitely got inside her head and that’s why she is making excuses to go back. If only we cared one way or the other.

Nail her.
While we can understand logically why Christine has a ‘hate on’ for Phyllis, it doesn’t mean she irks us any less. So Phyllis is now under arrest and blames Jack, who brought her back to the house knowing what would happen. That was a twist (love that I didn’t see it coming!), but of course Jack thinks he can help Phyllis beat the rap by putting the blame on Victor. Hmm. As for Kelly, she’s definitely a full-blown psycho if she set Phyllis up and is willing to let her be shipped off to prison for life just to clear the way with Jack. Yike.