Christine gazes at Paul honeymoon Young and Restless
Credit: Image: CBS

Good thing she didn’t watch The Godfather, it could have been a horse’s head.

In this week’s The Young and the Restless Throwback, takes readers back to 1996 when Phyllis Summers Romalotti (Newman) (Michelle Stafford) and Dr. Tim Reid (Aaron Lustig) set off for the Caribbean. Readers can find a classic recap of some of what went down in Nevis including Phyllis putting an octopus in Paul and Christine’s bed, which aired Monday April 25 as a classic episode since Young and the Restless has run out of episodes due to the USA wide lockdown.

Back in the 90s Christine “Cricket” Blair Williams (Lauralee Bell) was doing everything in her power to nail Phyllis, due to the many years that Phyllis spent terrorizing her. Their rivalry started when Phyllis told Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) she was pregnant with his child while Danny was married to Christine. Later, Danny married Phyllis and things weren’t working out. Danny Romalotti wanted a divorce from Phyllis, who was sleeping with her former psychiatrist Dr. Tim Reid. Though she tried to make Danny jealous, without saying who her lover was, it didn’t work and their divorce went through. Phyllis continued on with Tim, making him feel secure in their relationship, and even accepted his marriage proposal, though she was in love with Danny.

However, the vengeance for her nemesis Christine aka ‘The Bug’ Blair was still one of Phyllis’ top priorities. When she didn’t succeed in destroying Christine for good, by running her and Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) down with a rental car, Phyllis later convinced Tim to go to the Caribbean, where Paul and Christine were spending their honeymoon. While there, she tailed the couple and tried to ruin their romantic getaway any way she could. One of the devilish things she did was to put an octopus in Paul and Christine’s bed.

A version of this article was written by Amy Mistretta February 5, 2015 and refreshed by Christine Fix Saturday April 25, 2020.