Credit: Indecent proposal. (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of January 19 – 23:

It was a steady week on “Y&R,” with a few storylines needing to move forward. Thoughts:

I am not amused.
Phyllis and Kelly’s rivalry continued to escalate, and after the tea poisoning it is becoming clearer that Kelly is the mastermind who is using Phyllis’ past history against her. Not only does Kelly have Jack suspecting Phyllis is behind these incidents, but she’s so good she has Phyllis herself thinking she might have done these things and blocked them out! When you consider it, it’s just a little too convenient how there is always evidence readily available to back up Kelly’s version of events – the florist’s business card, the wig, the leftover tea – also she didn’t want the police to investigate her poisoning. Hmm. Phyllis’ ferocity has been the highlight of this storyline, especially in contrast to the mewling Kelly. Here’s hoping that if Kelly is exposed for going to these lengths to try and get rid of Phyllis, she goes completely haywire and confesses to being Delia’s hit-and-run driver as well.

While it was awesome to see Adam get to hold Connor and spend a bit of alone time with him, it really is weird for Adam to keep popping up wherever Chelsea is and trying to hold deep conversations with her. So as much as it’s getting really old hearing Billy complain about ‘Bingham’ always being around, it’s not without merit. I feel like so much more should be happening with Adam; something new needs to develop to keep things interesting. It should start with him taking his shirt off. You’re welcome.

Indecent proposal.
Joe’s indecent proposal that Avery spend one night with him was actually kinda’ hot, but aside from that this storyline is like watching Barbie, Ken, and G.I. Joe. Avery’s breathless histrionics and Dylan’s Rambo routine sometimes seem straight up ridiculous. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Should Avery spend one night with Joe?

The vultures are circling.
I had to wonder why Victoria was so quick to defend Victor and insist he had nothing to do with the intimidation campaign against Dylan considering what he’s done to her in the past. Things that make you go hmm. There was no issue with her plan to bring back Brash & Sassy though – love this idea! It’s so good to see the business competition heating up again.