Credit: Amused Adam? (CBS)

Genoa City for the Week of January 12 – 16:

The Phyllis and Kelly stuff stood out this week on “The Young and the Restless.” Thoughts:

Present tense.
As mentioned in last week’s Y&R Restless Rant, the (very subtle) clues are increasingly pointing to the people accusing Victor of being straight-up evil and uncaring ending up with egg on their face. When Avery suggested that Joe use his talents for something ‘worthwhile’ he replied, “Who says I’m not?” With Gerolomo being the patron saint of orphans, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Victor plans to use the proceeds of the sale to build the Katherine Chancellor Home for Orphans or something. Of course many feel he needs the cash to prop up the struggling Chancellor Industries, including Nikki, and Cane and Jill, who plan to move in for the kill. My question this week is if Victor’s company is truly in a financial crunch, why isn’t his arch-rival Jack Abbott all over it? Their sparring outside the penthouse about Summer and Adam was entertaining, especially when Jack slipped and referred to Adam in the present tense, but they are first and foremost business rivals. Jack should be busting Victor’s butt at every opportunity about his financial issues and the development deal. As for Dylan being under siege at Crimson Lights, the brick and the thugs could be the work of someone in the warehouse district who wants to sell out and is angry at Dylan for trying to scuttle the deal.

Don’t get too attached.
Jack is pretty busy with more domestic drama these days. Knowing Adam is alive, he gave Billy a couple of cryptic warnings about his relationship with Chelsea. He has also been contending with the ever-accelerating feud between Kelly and Phyllis. Yep, ol’ smilin’ Jack wound up blindfolded in bed with the wrong woman and then spent the rest of the week doing that fish-out-of-water facial expression as each woman worked to convince him that the other was behind the set-up. Although some are sick of Jack standing there gaping silently, this has become kind of fun. The intensity of the women has been fantastic – “Get ready for this, B****!” – and the twists just keep coming. One of these chicks is really a mastermind at conniving – but which one? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Was Phyllis or Kelly behind the set-up?

Michael’s cancer dinner.
The story of Michael’s prostate cancer is moving along. That was such an awkward moment with Paul and Christine sharing their baby news just as Michael was prepared to drop the bomb. Phyllis finding out was moving. It was great how she took his hand and said, “What are we dealing with?” It was odd how they went on to discuss her issues with Kelly, though, in light of what Michael had just told her.