An eye-opening experience.

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1999 when Nina Webster met Tomas Del Cerro…

Jill and Cane are joining forces to get an upper hand in the business world. Years ago, Tomas teamed up with Nina to help guide her into the world of publishing. Nina was writing a story based on her youth and ran into best-selling novelist Tomas in Genoa City. She approached him and admitted she’d currently been reading his novel, Master of the Dust. Though Tomas was standoffish, he began mentoring Nina to polish her work. During the process, they fell in love but Tomas’ habit of keeping his emotions to himself made things difficult.

Nina finished her book, taking Tomas’ advice by ending the story much like her own – never having found the baby who was stolen from her. With Tomas’ help, the book was published and Nina was offered a movie deal. Tomas had writer’s block and became jealous of Nina’s success. Though Nina accepted Tomas’ marriage proposal, in the end he urged her to head to Los Angeles to screen write the film then disappeared from her life.

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