Genoa City for the week of December 22 – 26:

Neil saw the light, the lights went out, and the lights stayed on at Crimson Lights in Genoa City this week. Episode-by-episode breakdown and thoughts:

She Came Home.
As expected, the crisis with Faith began to pull Nick and Sharon back together, which felt like a bit of a relief, though it wasn’t expected to last. Chelsea noticed Sage and confronted her, which will probably throw a monkey wrench into Adam’s plans at some point. Sage being at the roadside memorial seemed to make some believe she may have been the person who ran down Delia, but she was searching for Adam and probably thought he might go there, which he did later. Adam’s speech to DeeDee was heartfelt, but it might have been a good twist to have someone witness it, so as to have someone else know he was alive and realize that he truly didn’t know he hit her, if in fact he did. I still think it was Kelly.

What you Deserve.
Victoria wanting to give the baby the last name Newman just seemed contrived. Why would she want Katie to have a different last name than Johnny? Such a boring storyline. Stitch not making a beeline for his son Max once the truth was out made no sense either, except that it left Victoria wide open to make contact and surprise Ben like Billy did to her with Reed. Ashley, meanwhile, kept busy at the lab, and was still having shower sex flashbacks. Who could blame her? She also told Tobias he’ll get everything he deserves, which was fun. Over at the Club, Victor was revealed as the driving force behind Joe’s development plan, which is definitely going to cause huge problems with Nikki when it comes out. Cane, who seems to be chomping at the bit to get involved in something corporate, had a conversation with Victor about the dropped Bonaventure storyline. As if Victor would have just let that go all this time… It sounded as though Jill had a plan in mind to go up against Victor. Bring that on! Over at the mausoleum, Constance finally had something to say that piqued Adam’s interest – Victor was behind the hostile takeover of the Bingham family’s company, which led to the patriarch’s suicide. Adam vowed Victor would pay, but I hope they’re not expecting us to believe Adam would put himself out to avenge this Bingham guy’s death. More realistic is the idea that he sees an opportunity to take back what belongs to the Binghams and use it himself as Gabriel. A victory over his father while duping him, would be the ultimate icing on the cake.

Walking on Eggshells.
Well, Sharon emerged relatively unscathed after hosting both Nick and Victor at the house in the interest of giving Faith a great Christmas. Faith is so saucy! Over at the ranch, Nikki was thrilled with Dylan’s thoughtful gift, but wouldn’t he have showed her that stuff by now? At any rate, it was fun seeing Victor listen in as she ranted to Dylan about the S.O.B. who was planning to tear down Crimson Lights – more foreshadowing of a future clash. Over at Neil’s, the scene was set for him to regain his sight and see a whole lotta’ what he’s been missing. It seemed symbolic that Neil ‘saw the light’. Over at the Baldwin’s, they mocked the grimness of Michael’s cancer diagnosis and took back Christmas. Lauren’s gift to Michael was very moving. In last week’s Y&R Restless Rant, Kevin and Mariah provided my favorite Christmas-y moment, and once again the unexpectedly appealing duo shared some awesome scenes searching for Harding’s pet bunny (what?). Suddenly I can’t wait until their next close encounter.