Young Patty Williams (Lilibet Stern) had no idea when she married the handsome and wealthy heir to Jabot cosmetics, Jack Abbott (then Terry Lester), that her dream would become a nightmare! Patty fell in love with Jack back in the 1980’s on The Young and the Restless, but began dating Danny Romalotti (Michael Damien) when a jealous Jill (then Brenda Dickson) informed her that she and Jack were lovers!

When Jack found out what Jill had told Patty, he fired Jill from Jabot! Soon, Patty and Danny split so she could date Jack. Her parents, Carl and Mary Williams, were not impressed, as Jack was considered a playboy.

At this time, Jack was also carrying on with model Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelley), who was hoping to sleep her way to a top position at Jabot. Diane fell in love with Jack and wanted to marry him, but he had other ideas. Jack decided that marrying Patty would be the one way to convince his father, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) that he had matured and was ready to take the reins as President of Jabot! But Jack didn’t stop sleeping with Diane, in fact, that’s who his sister Ashley (Eileen Davidson) found him with when he was late for his wedding to Patty!

After they were hitched, Patty became pregnant, but miscarried the child when she fell at Jabot, after catching her husband having sex with Diane in his office! Patty recovered from the loss and wanted to have another baby with Jack, but everything changed when she overheard him telling Jill that he didn’t want kids – he was planning a vasectomy! Patty also learned the devastating news that Jack had only married her in order to win his place at Jabot.