Genoa City for the Week of December 15 – 19:

The words ‘filler’ and ‘boring’ were being thrown around this week, but Adam’s shenanigans definitely spiced things up and there were numerous other scenes that got viewers’ attention. Some scenes are just bang on and riveting while others seem so dragged out and dull – it might help if overall the pace was snappier. Thoughts:

Favorite ‘Christmas-y’ moment.
Kevin tossing the mistletoe and moving in for a kiss with Mariah. Loved it!

Mariah getting in Nick’s face was fun for a minute, but alas, she didn’t change his mind. He kept justifying his reasons for the custody bid, at least until his ‘angel of mercy’ returned and he realized he was at risk of coming off like a jackass. He was in full battle mode with Sharon when he spotted Sage – it was kind of amusing to see him transition into damage control mode. He even managed to ignore the glares long enough to throw a little lopsided grin Sage’s way and invite her to come back again. At this point, Nick only has a few supporters in his bid to take Faith from Sharon. One is Avery, who just got Nick’s blessing to marry Dylan, who unbeknownst to either of them, has coached Sharon to fight back. That could cause a little tension if it comes out, but in the meantime, Faith has gone missing following conversations with both Santa and her father that didn’t go her way. This will either bring Nick and Sharon together or will give Sharon and David Sherman ammunition to use against Nick in court.

Jumping the gun.
Paul’s happiness about Christine’s pregnancy is downright infectious. There has been plenty of grumbling about him being a ‘deadbeat dad’ in the past, which is indeed Paul’s history, although to many it made little sense to write him as such. In any case, he’ll get another chance at raising a child, unless Chris still turns out to be in menopause or something. That was an odd scene in which Paul told Nikki they were having a baby and he had her to thank for it. Huh?

A restart for everyone.
The domesticity and ‘making nice’ is sweet, but has sucked the heat out of the Chelsea/Billy and Victoria/Ben pairings and the story now centers on an endless stream of characters pushing the idea that Billy and Victoria will reunite. This week, Anita warned Chelsea about holding on to her man (again) and Jill tried to manipulate the situation while visiting Katie. Usually Jill’s edginess spices up scenes and her jabs are clever, but the way she treated Ben in Victoria’s house didn’t come off that way. At this point, unless you happen to be in a frenzy about the possibility of Billy and Victoria getting back together, this is all pretty humdrum.

Come to the party.
Genoa City players continued to align themselves on either side of the debate over Joe’s proposed development plan on behalf of his client, Gerolomo. For some reason that name brought Tucker to mind; not sure why. Anyway, despite Lily’s vocal opposition to Cane becoming involved, Cane was intrigued enough to dip his toe in the big business waters at least long enough to bring Joe’s party to Victor’s attention. Victor being onside with the development would pit him against not only Nick, but Nikki’s son, Dylan, which could make for a few dust-ups at the ranch. Joe, meanwhile, continued to make time to bug Avery, who gets agitated by virtually everything he says. Here’s hoping this story keeps moving along with the rally and party coming up.