Genoa City for the Week of December 8 – 12:

Wow! There was a lot of yelling in Genoa City this week in clashes that really caught viewers’ attention. Thoughts:

Top secret project.
The goings-on surrounding Ashley’s secret project have been a little less than sophisticated. First Ash and Ben had sex in the lab shower (hot!) and crashed there, then Jack accused Victor of luring him to the Christmas tree lot to glean information on the project (a true ‘what the hell?’ moment), and later, Victor met with his mole Tobias in the same park in broad daylight. From there we saw Victor invite Ashley to the Club to get her out of the lab long enough for Tobias to steal the top secret information, except there must have been a miscommunication because Ash got back to the lab in time to catch Tobias red-handed. It was surprising she didn’t confront him!

Do I know you?
We’re letting an awful lot slide in the name of having Adam back, such as not questioning why Constance would fail to notice her ‘grandson’ has a different body, hair, and voice, but so far it’s been worth it. Viewers are drawn into every scene NuAdam appears in. Seeing him cross paths with Chelsea, Billy, Sharon, and Victor, and them not knowing it was Adam was kind of fun. The only annoyance is the nattering Sage. Go ‘way.

Something to tell you.
Victoria has waffled to the point where anything she might have had with Billy or Ben has kind of fizzled. Viewers are feeling very ‘meh’ about her whole deal. Has she turned to Ben now because Billy is ‘taken’, or is Ben truly who she wants to be with? Does it matter? We’re already preparing ourselves for weeks of Victoria telling Ben how honest he is and how fantastic it is that they have no secrets while he constantly gets interrupted as he’s about to confess he slept with Ashley. Gah. On a positive note, Victoria’s scenes with Victor this week were fabulous – like a real father and daughter!

Last Christmas was a lie.
That was quite the little dust-up between Chelsea and Billy in the park over Adam. There were some very good points raised about how this relationship works over the long term considering Billy’s hatred for Connor’s father. It’s getting to be a pattern for them to argue and then sweep the problem under the rug for a later time and go back to having fun.

Stop the charade.
Hilary seeing Devon with Gwen at The Underground was definitely entertaining. As noted in last week’s Restless Rant, throwing Gwen into the mix is a fun diversion in this storyline that was starting to feel stale and draggy. And what’s this about Neil seeing a specialist with a cutting edge technique? Hmm…I wouldn’t be surprised if his vision comes back before anyone even realizes!

The plundering…
Jeff and Gloria add so much to the scenes they appear in – love to see them! Kevin squirming while they chattered lasciviously about Jeff ‘plundering and pillaging’ Gloria on their pirate cruise was hilarious. Jeff’s conversation with Paul and Christine about dropping the charges against Stitch was good stuff too – like he was doing it from the goodness of his heart. Not! The end result of this gathering was Kevin giving Michael an ultimatum to tell Lauren the truth (finally) and Christine sharing with Paul that she’s pregnant. She mentioned having only taken a home pregnancy test which made me wonder if she’ll turn out to be in menopause when she visits the doctor. In any case, it was nice to see Paul so happy.