Can’t buy me love.

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Sean Bridges arrived in Genoa City and later left after the woman of his dreams refused to marry him…

These days, Michael is worried about what the future holds for him and Lauren. Years ago, Sean thought of his future as well and planned to make Jill his bride. Before Sean (played by soap vet Christopher Douglas then recast with David Lee Russek) made his way to Genoa City he traveled the world and struck it rich off of stock options from a dot-com company. Money couldn’t buy his happiness and he soon sold his mansion and all of his possessions, except one item, to take a job as Jabot’s new web designer.

Sean enjoyed living the simple life and became very fond of Jill Abbott. Jill had been scammed by younger men in the past and was leery but Sean ultimately won her affections. Jill loved how Sean brought back her fun loving softer side and soon moved him into the Chancellor Mansion with her. Sean truly loved Jill and wanted more but Jill wouldn’t marry him. He refused to accept anything less and left Genoa City for good.

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