Genoa City for the Week of December 1 – 5:

There were several stand-out clashes and memorable moments this week on “Y&R,” but otherwise it pretty much just coasted along. Thoughts:

Pink cigars.
Well, Billy turned out to be the father of Victoria’s baby – a relatively predictable outcome in that it will cause conflict within his relationship with Chelsea. It also made Victor steamed, which is fun, but the storyline is essentially a yawn because the ‘magic’ that previously might have had viewers in a frenzy about a Billy/Victoria reunion doesn’t exist with the current Billy. Having every character and their dog repeat the mantra that ‘Billy and Victoria still love each other’ won’t change that. Their scenes on Friday were fairly dull except for the bit about Delia’s ornament and Ben seeing them hug. He, of course, jumped to conclusions and went off the deep end. As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, we still really have no idea what Victoria wants, which adds to viewers ambiguous feelings about the whole deal. In any case, given Ben’s state of mind, he could end up taking Ashley and her fragrance to bed. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Ben’s love life.

Ugly battle.
The Sharon/Nick conflict is kind of interesting in that we can see both sides. Certainly Nick, and Summer as well, have reason to be furious with Sharon, but on the other hand, we can see the folly of a custody battle, which as Noah and Mariah stated, isn’t really what’s best for Faith. Mariah supporting Sharon has proved to be particularly popular with viewers. Nick may be surprised to find that Sharon has more support than he anticipated, and David Sherman onside to boot. Also worth mentioning is that Nick is already distracted by the next woman he’s sniffing around. He may drop the ‘custody’ ball while preoccupied with Sage, his ‘angel of mercy’. Gah.

I want my job back.
The Jack/Kelly, Billy/Phyllis and Phyllis/Sharon clashes at Jabot were definitely attention-getting scenes. Kelly lashing out at Jack was particularly satisfying. It needs to be said that most are sick to the teeth of Jack constantly placating Phyllis. He’s acting like he’s terrified of her! It’s also pretty unbelievable that knowing Phyllis as well as he does, it hasn’t occurred to Jack by now that Phyllis found out he was involved with Kelly and is putting the screws to her on purpose. One might even say it’s obvious! As for Phyllis, she’s coming across as a one-note obnoxious bully, when previously there was much more to her than that.

Slick operator.
The big stir being created around Joe’s development plans in the warehouse district is pulling in more characters daily and definitely has potential. Who are we to complain about hot good guy VS hot bad guy? Of course we don’t want to see the Genoa City warehouse district destroyed for a new development, but when it comes to who should win Avery, viewers are starting to feel a little more torn. Dylan appears set to propose and Joe seems to want to rekindle old feelings and has the ‘bad boy’ appeal.