Credit: David Lago (CBS) was thrilled to hear the news that talented actor David Lago had been asked to reprise his role of Raul Guiterriez on The Young and the Restless! immediately got in touch with him to find out what he’s been doing, and to grill him about the comeback. Although David had to keep ‘mum’ on most of the details, had great fun trying to get a few crumbs for its readers! You’re coming back – great news! What have you been doing since you left?

David: Yes, I am! It’s pretty exciting. It’s been about five years [since the previous stint] and in that time I jumped into the independent film world – every aspect of it – writing, producing, and acting, whether it was short films or full-length feature films. Some went to DVD, and some are still in post [production], and I’m expecting them to do well. So I definitely got my film experience, and kept sharp. Then, all of the sudden I got a call to do a play [Catonsville 9] in the theater with some of the cast of Y&R – Judith Chapman [Gloria], Christian LeBlanc [Michael], and Emily O’Brien [Jana] – and I jumped at the chance – was very excited – I had never done theater before! How did you like doing theater?

David: I loved it! I actually kind of became addicted to it, and us four created our own little theater gang. [laughs] We’ve been going to different plays and watching theater productions together. It’s just been an amazing experience, and we’re all going to continue to do it.
What happened when Y&R called you? Were you surprised?

David: I got a call from Maria Bell. They were nice enough to call me personally, and I was very, very flattered; very excited to be asked back. I felt very appreciative toward Maria and her family – the Bell family gave me my break in the first place, and I won the Emmy for them. For them to bring me back like this just blew my mind – I jumped at it. It did catch me off guard – it came out of the blue I guess. [laughs]
There was a rumor that you were up for a role on General Hospital – was that true?

David: I had auditioned for the role of Dante back in October [2008]. The rumors that I got it – all these rumors started before I had even gone in to audition! [laughs] I did go in and audition, but I was not contacted, and then Y&R contacted me early in the new year. You’ve started taping at Y&R?

David: Yes! My first tape date was Thursday [April 16] and it went well – I think. [laughs] You never can tell!
Can you tell me who you were sharing scenes with? Is the old gang is back together? Obviously Raul would interact with Billy and Mac.

David: [laughs] I’m not gonna’ tell you![David gives in] I do run into the whole gang, Billy and Mac, it’s a nice reunion moment. Any word on how long the run will be for Raul this time?

David: [laughs] They [Y&R] told me, but I can’t tell you!
Have they given you any backstory about where Raul has been and what he’s been doing?

David: [laughs] I know [Raul’s] whole backstory – but I can’t tell you! Raul was a good, smart kid, and that’s why he’s a good, smart young man. Raul went away to University when he left Genoa City – to Boston, on a scholarship. So can we safely assume that…

David: I wouldn’t safely assume anything! [laughs] You can never safely assume anything!