Just In! Update from Michael!

Michael just emailed Soaps.com to tell say that as of now it looks like he will be hanging around Y&R for at least another year! He told me, “I’m just happy to still have a job and I’m excited to spend more time with my Y&R family. I think Daniel’s gonna have a great story line and I’m looking
forward to it.”

Original Article – April 26

Soaps.com can confirm that the talented actor Michael Graziadei, who plays Daniel Romalotti, will be staying with The Young and the Restless. Michael has re-upped with the show, as he said he was hoping to in his recent chat with Soaps.com!

There is no word on how long the new contract is for, but we’re sure of one thing, it will have plenty of outs for him to continue working on his burgeoning career outside of Daytime! Michael has recently worked in Primetime, guesting on shows such as “90210,” as well as working in feature films, such as the recently released “Into the Blue 2: The Reef,” which, incidentally, is a great, action-packed flick!

Soaps.com is thrilled that Y&R has been able to keep Michael around, and looks forward to upcoming storylines involving the always interesting Daniel!