Genoa City for the week of October 27 – 31:

Thankfully it appears one secret is on its way to being tidied up because some are being dragged out to the point where viewers aren’t as excited about them anymore. Here’s hoping November Sweeps brings more ‘secret’ reveals – as you’ll see below, there are a lot of them! There was some fun stuff happening this week, such as the gasp-worthy hairbrush moment and Phyllis luring Nick away to show up at Sharon’s door. “Trick or treat.” Eek! Thoughts:

Sharon’s secret.
With the reveal that Victor tested Summer’s hairbrush, not Faith’s, and that it was a match for Nick, we’re making progress toward someone uncovering the fact that Sharon switched the DNA. Hallelujah. Of course, putting the remainder of the pieces together means either Phyllis or Sharon has to regain their memory of events. They could still drag that out. As for Mariah, she switched sides just in time to find out that Victor was right after all and Sharon had done something to Nick. It will be interesting to see if she goes back to hating on her or if she will end up being the one person who supports her when the dust settles.

Phyllis’ secret.
Well, we still don’t know what she may or may not be hiding as viewers haven’t been given any insight as to what’s in her mind. We have been led to believe she knows things, but is unsure what is real. What she thinks she knows is still – surprise – a secret.

Jack’s secret.
As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, Jack’s been waffling and procrastinating, but all the warnings and foreshadowing about the need to tell Phyllis the truth about Kelly has made us feel absolutely certain that just as he decides to come clean, Phyllis will find out in the most inappropriate way possible. That said, she already has to know he had another woman moved in because she would have seen her clothes in the bedroom when she first arrived in Genoa City. Phyllis is no dummy, so she probably already figured out it was Kelly when she found them together at the house. Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Jack’s choice.

Michael’s secret.
Ack, so sad and awkward watching Michael try to deal with possibly having cancer on his own and keeping it from Kevin and Lauren. He should just tell them. It’s awful to see him messing up the trust in the relationship out of stubbornness – especially if – hate to even say it – they don’t have much time left.

Kevin’s secret.
What is he writing and what is the purpose? What is the meaning of the cryptic things he’s been saying and the odd words he keeps using?

Joe’s secret.
What is Joe up to? We don’t know yet, but he gets smarmier by the day. Who is he calling with reports? Is he making eyes at Lily? It’s definitely possible. Hmm. Thoughts on the mysterious Joe?