Genoa City for the week of October 20 – 24:

There’s no question “Y&R” has improved and has been more entertaining on the whole in recent months, however viewers are speaking out on a few things – growing tired of overused plot points such as ‘I’ve got a secret’ or ‘Who’s the daddy?’, introducing more newbies, and dragging stories out too long, which tends to defuse their impact. Thoughts:

Face the music.
Victor’s relative candor regarding the experimental treatment was refreshing and he kind of stuck it to Jack – why didn’t Jack look into further measures or do more? You can bet the accusations will be flying once Jack’s relationship with Kelly is out in the open. Ashley’s ‘oops’ moment, revealing that Austin was Phyllis’ son-in-law was fun. Considering how easily that happened, you’d think Jack would tell Phyllis about Kelly before it could slip out similarly, but no, he keeps on waffling and ‘protecting’ her. Methinks at this point he’s only covering his own butt and procrastinating because he can’t decide what he wants. After the way he handled the Kelly/Phyllis meeting, and considering they’re both fed up with his ‘doctor’s advice’ excuse, he could wind up alone if he isn’t careful. Most viewers are beyond ready for Phyllis to know all. Besides, holding out really makes no sense now – she learned Summer was married and didn’t revert to a comatose state, so why not tell her the whole truth about Billy, for example? Too much dragging out. Oh, and they need to bring Daniel back.

I’ve got the vodka!
Maureen showing up at Nikki’s suite ready to party was laugh out loud funny. As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, the pinched look on Nikki’s face was priceless. Maureen’s days may be numbered if Stitch divulges their family secret, but for now she’s trouble and probably has an agenda to snag a wealthy husband. Anyway, Paul’s onto Nikki’s drinking now and Victor possibly too. It will be interesting to see if Paul and Christine’s union can withstand him helping Nikki one more time…or Nikki and Victor’s for that matter.

Blast from the past?
So Mr. McAvoy wrapped up his Super Dylan activities as Ian was put behind bars, and then found Avery with her ex-husband, Joe. Meh. There has been speculation on social media about whether or not Joe could be Matt Clark’s brother. Anything is possible, but then wouldn’t Avery have known about her ex-brother-in-law’s history with Nick Newman?

I can’t do this.
Since Hilary had Devon’s ‘ringtone’ in her hotel room and then she didn’t want to make love to Neil, he’s either the densest man in the world, or is deliberately ignoring the signs out of desperation to hold on to his wife. Just as we thought this couldn’t get more icky and awkward, Lily speculated that Hil might be pregnant. Considering Neil made a point of saying how long it had been since they made love, she won’t be passing it off as his, so will the truth finally come out? Let’s hope!