Feeling alone.

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to October of 1997 when Ryan McNeil prevented Nina from committing suicide…

Lily currently suspects Hilary is hiding something. Years ago, Nina knew Ryan was hiding something as well. Nina and Ryan were having severe troubles in their marriage. When Ryan couldn’t make love to Nina one night, she realized he’d been thinking about another woman, Tricia Dennison. Nina seethed at Ryan but couldn’t resist letting Tricia, who also had feelings for Ryan, believe that she and her husband reconnected over a night of passion. Ryan couldn’t allow Tricia to believe that and separated from Nina, only to carry on with Tricia.

Nina blamed Tricia for ruining her marriage and threatened to shoot her. Ryan came across the scene and witnessed Nina aiming a gun at Tricia. Once he was able to get Tricia out of harm’s way, Ryan worked to get the gun from Nina. She didn’t believe him when he professed his love and desire to save their marriage. Nina raised the gun to her head and planned to kill herself but Ryan sprang into action and tried to grab the gun. However, it went off and Nina was shot.

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