Genoa City for the week of October 13 – 17:

There was plenty of drama in Genoa City (and New York!) this week, so on with thoughts:

Our first date…and our last.
Something tells me this wasn’t the ‘nice memory’ Devon wanted to create. Yipe. Suddenly it’s more difficult to sympathize with Devon and Hilary’s predicament, however much they are in love. Neil and Cane arriving in New York and interrupting Hevon’s two day love-fest introduced an ick factor even they couldn’t ignore. In fact, it left many wondering, once again, what the writers are hoping to achieve with this storyline – who or what are we supposed to be rooting for here? Anyway, Cane’s reaction was pretty bang on, but Neil’s obliviousness didn’t really fly with many viewers. Considering his other senses are supposed to be heightened now that he can’t see, Neil likely would have had a pretty good idea what was going on, from the delay in answering the door, to the smells, to sensing another person in the room. Not to mention Devon and Cane argued right outside the door. Yeeps. It’s possible Neil suspects or knows, but is feigning ignorance. If so, why? One interesting angle to this is that the end result of Hilary bedding father and son and causing Cane to keep secrets from Lily and Neil could be a torn-apart Winters family, which was Hilary’s original goal. Could she be doing this on purpose after all or does she genuinely care for both men, making the consequences of her actions unintentional and ironic? Hmm.

An excuse to end things.
The Billy and Chelsea argument left many scratching their heads. Billy came out with all of these declarations as to how he really feels about dating the widow of Delia’s killer and being in the killer’s house etc., and then seconds after his tirade decides none of it matters after all and they kiss. Huh? Those are pretty huge negative sentiments to carry into a relationship and the fact that Chelsea was happy to proceed despite him saying all of that was puzzling. In any case, it appears they got the go ahead from Delia’s ghost, so there’s that. But there could be many more hurdles for this relationship including Victoria’s baby could be Billy’s, Adam’s return, and…

Chloe’s pregnant!
It was amazing to see a Chloe return for the anniversary of Delia’s death, and what many suspected was proven to be true – Chloe was sporting a baby bump. The question, of course, being, “Who’s the daddy?” Kevin and Billy would seem to be the obvious candidates. Chloe and Kevin’s scene at the roadside memorial was very good, by the way, very realistic and providing closure…for now at least. A bit scary was Kevin typing later about giving in to what he has become. Cryptic. Yike.

What I know for sure.
The scenes related to the anniversary of Delia’s death definitely had me tearing up at times, but was never over the top. Billy/Victoria, Billy/Delia’s ghost, Jill/Esther, the reading of Delia’s schoolwork, ‘Adam’ placing a flower by the roadside, and Chloe telling Delia the emptiness would soon be filled (kinda skeery); all these scenes added up to a feeling that it was handled just right.

On the outside looking in.
Victoria and Ben being drawn back together was good, and him pulling her into a passionate kiss in the office was hot, but there’s an overhanging question about her feelings for him (beyond attraction) – are they sincere or a reaction to Billy moving on? She still seems a bit all over the place. Also, Ashley is bound to have designs on Ben at work, so how will that come into play? And what’s up with Ben’s mother, Maureen? If it’s true she let Ben take the rap for murdering his father when it was actually her, then her attitude toward it all is astoundingly cold – she essentially told him, “Sorry your life was ruined and your son’s on the other side of the world, but suck it up and move on.” Wow!