Genoa City for the Week of October 6 – 10:

Phyllis blew into Genoa City, and the church, in such a way that viewers were feeling “Y&R” might have its mojo back. The excitement fizzled a little bit when it became clear that the intention was to milk ‘the secret’ even longer, but overall it was a solid week. Thoughts:

Reports of my persistant vegetative state were wildly exaggerated.
There were some fantastic moments with Phyllis’ dramatic return, and so many beats were played as it began to dawn on those affected just how this unexpected development would impact their lives. Jack all but forgot about Kelly’s existence when Phyllis appeared. Kelly’s shock was realistic, but then came the expected and unappealing melodramatic agonizing followed by the martyr routine as she packed her bags instead of fighting for her man. The former edgy, boozy loose cannon Kelly would have been so much more entertaining in this scenario. Summer was overwhelmed to see her mother but then it was business as usual – she whined at Kelly about her mother’s things, whined at Phyllis about not being at the clinic, and whined at Austin when he complained about being introduced as a friend. Yeesh. Avery, Nick, and Jack all picked up nicely where they’d left off with Phyllis and there were some solid scenes as they bantered in the hospital. One interesting aspect of Phyllis’ return is the question of what she actually knows/remembers and to what extent she is pretending/manipulating. Does she really remember Jack proposing, but not him breaking up with her? Hmm. Either way he’s in a tight spot. As for Sharon, her world completely changed with the reappearance of Phyllis, as the specter of the secret instantly enveloped her life and thoughts again. The irony is that she’s as desperate to uncover the secret now as she was to keep it hidden that night in the stairwell. I mean, she visited Phyllis to ask for help! The glitch here is this – if Phyllis remembers what Sharon did, would she keep the truth from Nick, Jack, and Summer in order to toy with Sharon? What do you think? Does Phyllis remember everything? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Is Phyllis toying with Sharon? Oh and by the way, Gina Tognoni is killing it as Phyllis. Bravo!

Drop what you’re doing.
Abby is mean-girl fun one minute and an annoying harpie the next. “Victoria’s in labor! Victoria’s in labor!” Ack.

Where I need to be.
Billy’s statement to Chelsea made it sound a little like he is using her for a soft spot to land, so we weren’t too upset later to see him get his nose out of joint when Chelsea called out Adam’s name in her sleep. They have undeniable chemistry but the history and intertwined circumstances of their lives make this a very complicated relationship. For example, many fans were posting this week about Chelsea being able to maintain her feelings for Billy when he keeps bad-mouthing Adam, the father of her son. Oh, and we have to ask – why would Chelsea be doing a ballroom dancing video by herself? Egad.