Genoa City for the week of September 29 – October 3:

This Friday’s episode marked the first time since the storyline of Delia’s death played out that I’ve been disappointed to see an episode come to an end. Let’s hope this becomes the norm! It was awesome to see Glo this week, but where have Jill and Colin been hiding? Thoughts:

Women like staying power.
It was fabulous to see Ashley doing her thing with Jack, Ben, and Abby. Not only is it amazing to watch a strong, intelligent woman conduct business and assert herself, but the way she handles Abby is super satisfying. It was great fun to see Ben finally snap at Abby’s behavior toward him too. She ended up looking like a petulant teen at the adult table, which clearly was a bit of a wake-up call, as she left promising to rein herself in in the future. Finally.

That bites.
Though the whole scenario with Connor biting Johnny was contrived to put Chelsea and Billy in a confrontation with Victoria (who takes their kid to the hospital for this?), it made for some solid scenes. Chelsea and NuBilly are quite a match, and Victoria is just in a position where she feels torn on so many levels. It all makes for a lot of emotion and drama. Good stuff.

Tall, dark and married.
Well, Mariah is really pushing this theme that she and Austin are more alike than Austin and Summer. Is she interested in him or just stirring up trouble? Hard to say, but you had to laugh when she told Kevin, who is smiling entirely too much and scaring us with talk about living in a fantasy world, that she doesn’t take other women’s men. Huh? She tried to take Tyler back from Abby and then Nick from Sharon. Watch out Summer. But that’s not Summer and Austin’s only problem – Austin didn’t look too pleased throughout her visit with Fen – and of course he’d be aware that Fen grew up like Summer and knows her better.

Turmoil and chaos.
The bachelor and bachelorette party scenes were among the best, and most fun, we’ve seen in quite some time. The guys talking about love at the football field was pretty dorky – I’m thinking that would never happen – but the rest was right on. Loved Nikki sneaking off to down Summer’s drink…and the brawl…how fun was it seeing Sharon on that guy’s back? The buzz of knowing that Phyllis was back in town created an underlying hum of building anticipation that certainly upped the excitement factor for viewers as the wedding-related activities moved ahead.