Was it worth it?

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1994 when Brad Carlton had a heart attack following a night of hot sex with Lauren Fenmore…

Things recently got wild and crazy during Nick and Sharon’s bachelor/bachelorette parties, which landed many in jail. Years ago, a night of fun sent one man to the hospital. Brad and Traci’s marriage had ended but she quickly disapproved of his latest conquest, going another round with Lauren. She and Traci had a childhood rivalry, which carried into their adult years. When Brad started dating Lauren again and Traci had to see them in Genoa City together, as well as Brad working at Fenmore’s and bonding with Lauren’s son Scotty, it really irked his ex-wife.

None of this fazed Brad and he continued his hot love affair with Lauren. In fact, the affair got so hot that he ended up suffering a heart attack after spending a night having passionate sex with her. Traci rushed to the hospital upon hearing of Brad’s condition and was appalled when she spotted Lauren in the waiting room.

Do you remember what happened when Traci arrived at the hospital and saw Lauren? Please post your answer from the choices below into our comment section.

What happened at the hospital?

– Traci had Lauren thrown out.
– Traci and Lauren got into a catfight.
– Traci had enough and walked out.
– Traci acted civil for Brad’s sake.

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– Amy Mistretta