“That’s showbiz.”

Soaps.com had the pleasure of chatting with the charming and witty original “Y&R” cast member, Tom Hallick, ahead of his appearance on September 26 as the truck driver who gives Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) a lift back to Genoa City. Hallick dished on how things were different back in the day, what it was like to be on set, his friendship with the late Jeanne Cooper, and whether he’d come back to daytime.

Soaps.com: Are you all ready for your episode tomorrow?

Hallick: (laughs) Well, I’m just waiting with bated breath. It’s a lot different from when I used to do 40 pages a day. Back then we weren’t allowed to make any mistakes. We were live on tape as they cracked the whip. We would have some actors come on from nighttime that were big stars, for like a two-week courtroom scene or something, and we’d have to fire them after two days and replace them because they couldn’t do the dialogue. We were doing 40 – 50 pages a day.

Soaps.com: Were you surprised to be asked back to “Y&R” after all these years?

Hallick: Yeah, I was really. I thought they’d forgot all about me.

Soaps.com: You were asked back to essentially re-create the first scene from the show, with you as the driver of the truck rather than the passenger this time around. What did you think of that idea when it was posed to you?

Hallick: I thought that was kind of cool. I’d like them to bring the truck driver back every once in a while. That’d be nice.

Soaps.com: Was everything different from when you were on the “Y&R” set before?

Hallick: No, it was exactly the same. It was like I’d never left. They put me in Jeanne Cooper’s dressing room and that was nice. Jeanne and I were old friends. Back then we’d go to her house for Thanksgiving dinner and Corbin and Colin would be throwing chairs at each other and fighting when they were kids (laughs), and Jeanne and I did the national tour of “Plaza Suite” together all over the country, so we were old friends. There was no one else there that I knew.

Soaps.com: How was the experience of shooting your scenes?

Hallick: It was nice! Just another job, really, but you know what’s funny? The truck we used…they used that same truck on “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night. I recognized it right away.

Soaps.com: Your original “Y&R” character, Brad Eliot, left town. What can you tell us about him?

Hallick: After a while they don’t know what to do with you (laughs) so Brad went blind. It was great because I could just stare out and read the cue cards; it was wonderful, the best year of my life.