Genoa City for the Week of September 15 – 19:

There was no question the show needed to address Genoa City’s ongoing writing issues as mentioned in the last Restless Rant, however the announcement of Chuck Pratt as Y&R’s new head writer has left many stunned including’s Editor-in-Chief, Christine Fix, who says, “It’s the final nail in the coffin.” Thoughts on the week:

The wicked witch.
It appears water has become the weapon of choice among Genoa City’s female set as a crusty Mariah threw water over a belligerent Abby at The Underground. It was satisfying even though Mariah could stand to be doused herself. There are some pretty obnoxious young women spewing their venom around town these days.

Sharon’s secret.
One could definitely make a drinking game out of references to Sharon’s secret. Things are building up! Despite Noah’s warning to Mariah about ‘pissing away her one chance at a real family’, she let herself into Sharon’s place and bad-mouthed her at length, again. She later overheard Sharon talking in her sleep about the need to tell Nick ‘who her father really is’, and went directly to Victor. It made me wonder if they’ll drag this out by having Mariah and Victor assume Sharon’s secret has something to do with Faith’s paternity, and by having Phyllis return with some sort of amnesia. Then again, it could all come out at Nick and Sharon’s wedding, which is supposed to be soon. Hmm.

Touch of doom.
Kevin and Mariah are kind of an interesting damaged duo. Thoughts?

Oh Sherry.
Maureen settled right in to the Genoa City Athletic Club scene after initially startling her children as well as Nikki/Sherry with her unexpected presence. Clearly she and Kelly have issues, which Jack tried rather unsuccessfully to involve himself in, and even Ben isn’t altogether comfortable with her sticking around. Maureen isn’t going anywhere, however, as she seems to have an inkling that Genoa City might offer up some fruitful prospects. Who knows what Nikki might be willing to do for her to keep her quiet about her drinking?