Restless Rant
Week of April 13 – 17:

Have I told you lately that The Young and the Restless has become a little too dark? I think the only happy person in town this week was Jeffrey! Seriously, the show’s strengths at this point are the family drama, such as Karen and Tyra facing off in court, along with the superb acting. However, drama becomes cumbersome without elements that balance it. I have come to expect Y&R to evoke a variety of emotions; making me laugh, cry, jeer, and cheer – all in one episode – or at least in one week – and that’s not really happening anymore! Maybe it’s the focus on mental illness lately that is giving the show a depressive feel – not sure. Anyway, here’s hoping things lighten up a tad in the days and weeks ahead. As for this week…

Kevin in the Mental Hospital: Can someone explain to me why Kevin is having hallucinations about the chipmunk head covered in blood, when he was the one inside it? It’s not like someone else had been wearing it and Kevin had to keep looking at it during the robberies! He maybe would have seen it on the ground for all of two seconds before he ran away and left it on the sidewalk. It would make more sense for me if he were hallucinating about Clint’s face…but I guess that wouldn’t be as freaky! Anyway, in spite of Greg Rikaart’s stellar interpretation of Kevin’s insanity, no one is thrilled about watching a bunch of scenes with characters trying to ‘get through to him’ – it’s already gotten old. Here’s hoping Kevin has a big breakthrough soon! Oh, and here’s a slap for Gloria for always making everything about herself, and a slap for Heather, who was also abused by her stepfather and should be showing much more compassion for Kevin.

This has become a repeat, or perhaps parody, of the Victor/Nikki/Ashley triangle from days gone by – two women driving themselves crazy over a self-indulgent man who isn’t worth it, ahem, or the tragic tale of a man who loves two women – however you wish to see it. The modern day twist, I suppose, is all the spontaneous sex, the fact that both women appear to be suffering mental illness, and that the man is a thick as a brick! Nick could never be mistaken for the cunning, decisive, and slick Victor Newman – that’s for certain! In spite of the fact that I perceive this triangle to be tired, I liked the way the writers juxtaposed Nick and Sharon’s lovemaking at the cabin with Phyllis tearing apart Sharon’s room at the Club. It was very powerful having those scenes interwoven – good work! Here’s a hearty welcome back to Phyllis’s not-so-nice side – the one dark and twisty thing we welcome in Genoa City!

Yes, kids like Noah and Eden should be waiting to have sex, but this storyline is very realistic in that they would disagree with that. Teenagers definitely think that they know what they’re doing and what they can handle. It isn’t until something goes wrong, or until they become adults themselves, that they are able to see it differently. Frustrated and moody teens do talk like Noah and Eden, and do decide to have sex. On the plus side, they’re probably the only ones in Genoa City with enough sense to have used protection!

Katherine/Jill: Katherine’s return, for me, has fallen a little flat because of the way the writers have spun the dynamic with Jill. To see them go head-to-head with good reason would be genuinely entertaining, but all of these verbal sparring matches and ‘misunderstandings’ are coming across as contrived; forced negativity to keep the characters at odds with each other. They have no real reason to be angry at one another, hence, I’m not feeling it. It’s a shame to have good ol’ Murphy dragged down by all of this nonsense too – let’s see him and Katherine having some fun or even put together a wacky memorial for Marge – lighten things up!