Genoa City for the week of September 1 – 5.

There were only three episodes of “Y&R” this week due to US Open Tennis, which means an earlier Rant. Thoughts:

Show us the path.
There is so much going on in this Mariah storyline that just makes the head hurt. Sharon went from wailing and shrieking about Mariah going missing last week to Zen talk about miracles and living some sort of blissed-out future as a family this week. Ian showed up at Nikki’s and we have no idea what his purpose was in having that drama or what he wanted from her. Heck, we still don’t know why he was supposedly so darn intimidating that Victor couldn’t have wiped him off the map at any given point. Mariah trying to absorb everything that was happening to her at the hospital was definitely the bright spot in all of this as we all stopped for a moment to feel the enormity of her emotional situation. Moving forward, it’s clearly going to be like pulling teeth to get Mariah to make any concessions where Sharon’s concerned, which is puzzling considering how well Sharon treated her from the get-go. She’ll probably bond with Nick first, causing strife with Summer, who will end up winning him in the daddy lottery when Sharon’s secret comes out. As for Ian going missing, whatever happened to him you can bet Dylan wasn’t responsible…too obvious with the blood and all.

Our new reality.
The Jack and Kelly stuff continues to be off as she’s just being written as way too ‘Mary Poppins’ and, well, stable. She doesn’t come across at all like someone who grew up in a troubled alcoholic home and then lost her own son. This understanding gal with not a hair out of place is unrecognizable from the damaged woman who bedded Billy. That said, we could certainly sympathize with her trying to move in to Jack’s place and finding Phyllis’ things in the drawers and how that would feel. Watching Jack and Avery go through Phyllis’ belongings afterward was moving, even though we knew Phyllis would soon return. Muahaha.

Too far to fail.
As with last week, it was once again classic Victor in Georgia, soothingly telling Phyllis how much her loved ones miss her while relentlessly turning the screws on her and the doctor in an effort to further his agenda. Loved it. He was rewarded when Phyllis snapped out of resting b**** face and intoned, “Sum…mer.” Hooray!