readers, if you are in the Roxbury Park, Beverly Hills, California area this weekend, be sure to stop by and take part in I-Star Entertainment’s Pet Rocks Scavenger Hunt! The adventure takes place on Saturday April 18 beginning at 12 noon (registration at 11:30 AM), and will be attended by The Young and the Restless’s own Emily O’Brien (Jana Fisher)!

Emily O’Brien will be joined by ex-castmate David Tom (ex-Billy Abbott), as well as Shirley Jones and comedian Marty Engels, Andrea Gabriel from “Lost”, Heather Tom from “The Bold and the Beautiful“, Francia Rasia and Renee Olstead from “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”, Kristy Flores of the upcoming “Fame” movie, Nicholle Tom from “The Nanny”, and Chelsea Gilligan, Miss California Teen USA.

The initial series of 12 Pet Rock characters was re-introduced to the world on March 1, 2009, in partnership with Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (CAAF). Sales benefit CAAF and thousands of children and families affected by AIDS in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Another Pet Rocks Scavenger Hunt has been scheduled in New York City on Saturday, May 9, at 12 noon in the Central Park Zoo as part of the World Conservation Society’s ‘Migration Sensation’ weekend activities. salutes Emily O’Brien and other Y&R stars that take part in such worthy activities! Tell us what you think below!